Scatter Hardwood Throwing Outdoor Game

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Scatter is an addictive tactical game which is enjoyed by many.

The aim is to knock over the numbered wooden pins by underarm throwing the wooden baton at the pins. If a single pin is knocked over the player will score the number on the pin. If more than 1 pin is knocked down the player will score the amount of pins the knocked over.
The pins are reset upright from where they fell so eventually the game spreads out and becomes more challenging. First player to exactly 50 points wins! If a player goes above 50 they return to a score of 25 for their next turn.

Scatter is the perfect game to have at events, parties, weddings and in the backyard.

While our games are recommended for indoor and outdoor use please ensure you bring your games undercover each day to get the longevity out of them.

- 12x Hardwood Wooden Pins
- 1x Hardwood Throwing Baton
- Wooden Storage Crate
- Rules Included
Recommended Ages: 3+

Safety Tested: Successfully tested for Australian & NZ safety standards

AS/ NZS ISO 8124.1
AS/ NZS ISO 8124.2
AS/ NZS ISO 8124.3

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